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Asbestos is a natural fiber produced by the heat-treating of clay particles initially mined from the ground or as a by-product from mining other minerals. However, because it is so difficult to remove from most materials and buildings without damaging them, it has been banned in many countries, including Australia, since 2005.

Here are just some of our previous customers’ great things about Harris Asbestos Removal Perth WA.

“I found Harris Asbestos Removal Perth WA online, and they came out very quickly to quote the job. They were very professional, and I was impressed that they came fully equipped with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner to clean up after themselves.”
- Allan Haines, Home Owner, Gosnells

“I called Harris Asbestos Removal Perth WA because I was in a real fix with my neighbor’s house. He was dying of cancer, and his wife didn’t want anything to do with his belongings. They had a big family of stuff, so I couldn’t just take everything.”
- Alan Hainsworth, Building Contractor in Nedlands

“I called Harris Asbestos Removal Perth WA, and they were very generous. They came up and took care of things reasonably quickly. They were professional, and I’d recommend them to other people.”
- James Young, Estate Agent in West Perth

“I’ve been doing this a long time, and given that I’ve got my clientele, my services tend to be sought after by my neighbors in the surrounding areas to help arrange house visits for their families. Someone recommended that I contact Harris Asbestos Removal Perth WA as they seemed to have a good track record with their customer base. “
- David Watson, Home Owner in Perth

“They came to my house, quoted the job, and carried it out without delay. I was happy with the services they provided. They were prompt and reasonable, and I’d recommend them to other people.”
- Abraham Charles, Property Agent in Cottesloe, WA

“I have been in this industry a long time as a commercial property developer in West Perth, so I am no stranger to tradesmen. “
- Robbie Williams, Home Owner in Geraldton

There are many people out there who do what they are told to do, but not Harris Asbestos Removal in Perth WA. They are incredibly professional and have high integrity. However, what sealed the deal for me was their demonstration of professionalism: their work was above board and thorough.
- Steve Brown, Business men in Perth

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There are many factors that play into the cost of asbestos removal.

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One factor in the price is how much asbestos needs removing. The more asbestos cement sheeting is there, the more expensive it can get.

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